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It all started back in the early days of 2012. We, a small group of friends decided to meet just for the sake of catching up. While having our conversations, the topic of the Internet popped up and realising the untapped opportunities which the Internet provide, we experienced an ‘Eureka!’ moment and thus Avaxis Enterprise was born. "although there many organisations offering similar services which Avaxis Enterprise provide, the the cost is quite high; deterring away potential individuals and small enterprises..."

We do know that there are existing organisations within this region which offer web design and management services. However, their plans usually exceed the requirements of individuals and small enterprises.

This leads to unnecessary high costs, deterring away potential individuals and small enterprises at tapping the Internet's full potential as they are beyond what most of them can afford.

Hence, when we formed Avaxis Enterprise, we have a simple but a distinctive goal.

To assist individuals and small enterprises by providing a stepping stone at harnessing the Internet's full power through affordable, ‘no-frills’ services.

How do we achieve this? By specifically catering to individuals and small organisations, we provide similar services to what the larger organisations offer but only at a fraction of cost. We offer "no-frills" plans which are suitable for these small start-up organisations.So our philosophy is, "Why pay more when you don't need it?"  They may not require all those fancy features which larger web design and management organisations offer. So our philosophy is, "Why pay more when you don't need it?"

We may not be a large organisation nor are we the best within this region but what matters the most is that we are a dedicated team and are always glad to offer our help and services.

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  • For those who require unlimited number of updates and wish to update the contents by themselves.
  • Support will be provided if you encounter any difficulties.
  • You will be given access to the website's back-end (with imposed restrictions) therefore allowing you to update the contents as you wish.
  • On the other hand, we will constantly monitor and maintain the back-end systems to ensure that the website experiences minimal technical downtime.
  • We will also monitor your website for broken links and inform you so that you are able to take appropriate actions to correct them.
  • From time to time, we may conduct performance management on your website and provide advice on how to maximise your website's performance.




1Decide on your requirements and contact us to place your order. Once we receive your order you will be emailed within 3 business days a simple brief questionnaire asking a series of general questions about the colours, pages and design style.



2We will start working on your Web Design project once we have received back your brief. During the design process, we will collaborate with you to design your unique website.



3Now it is over to you. We will wait while you review the designs and tell us what changes you would like. We then start working on your revisions as soon as you send us your feedback. You will receive your revised designs within 3 business days. You can request a maximum of 3 revisions unless under special circumstances.



4When you are satisfied with all the changes, we will finalise your website design and upload to the web hosting area. If you have opted for the self maintenance package, you will then be given login and password to the Site Editor so you can add your text information to the website.

Upgrades - Extra Features

Sometimes you may need some extra features to get your website up and running. Below is a list of upgrades which you can purchase to improve your website's functionality.




Image Gallery
An online photo album which visitors to your website can click through at their leisure. Typical features of the software that provides this functionality include subject-based categories, subfolders, thumbnail image creation and pop-up effects.




Property Management System

For real estate agents, property brokers, and property management companies to easily upload and maintain property listings via a user-friendly interface.





Additional Banner Images
Banners are images that are added to the banner region (top) of the page.  Usually used to emphasise your homepage or to reflect the theme your your site.




Additional Stock Images
These are used on top of your personalised images to further enhance your website's experience.  We currently have a limited collection of stock images which can be used on your website design.




Additional Web Pages
Not enough pages? Get additional pages for your website design.


 typo icon mail


Additional E-Mail Accounts

The default plan doesn’t offer enough mailboxes for you? Upgrade for more mailboxes.




Google Calendar Integration
Seamlessly integrate your Google calendars into your website.




Yahoo, Google, Skype AIM Online Status Notification

Let your customers know whether are you online and available for contact via notifications on the website.




Mailing List/Newsletter System

Create and send bulk emails to your customer database with a mailing list manager.




Google Maps Integration

This allows you to include Google Maps right inside your content item or article. (e.g. office address, venue location etc.)




QR Code
QR Code is the current trend to quickly transfer information from one device to another. Jump on the bandwagon and get one for your website! Find out why QR Codes are getting popular.


 typo icon mac


Blog/News Support
Keep your website fresh and up to date with your latest news or blog post.




Facebook and Twitter Wall Feed Integration
Enable customers to see updates directly from your own website.


 typo icon info


Popup Module Support
This greatly enhances your website’s functionality by supporting popups. Generally used for announcements and notifications but the possibilities are almost limitless.




Custom Favourite Icon
Get a custom favicon based on your logo. Favicons will appear on bookmarks and on web browsers.




Social Pack
Custom Facebook and Twitter pages designed and built for your business; give your social network and image boost.




Search Engine Optimisation and Submission
Increase your chances of visibility on search engines via SEO and submission of your website details to the search engines.

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    General: general(AT)avaxis.com.my
    Billing: billing(AT)avaxis.com.my

  • About Us

    We have discovered that there are existing organisations that are providing web design and management services. However, the plans which they offer usually exceed the requirements of individuals and small enterprises. Read more...

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