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Keeping your website fully functional

fixermanHow long do you think a potential client would stay if they clicked on links that did not work, if the information was clearly outdated, if pages loaded too slowly, or maybe not even loading at all?  We doubt that it will even last for a couple of seconds!

It is essential to schedule regular web site maintenance to rectify issues such as fixing broken links, enhancing your website’s SEO results, installing latest security fixes and patches, add/edit pages etc.  The constant process of keeping your website in tip-top shape will in turn keep users interested thus encouraging them to frequently visit your website.

To maintain administrative simplicity (this decreases overhead costs on our side, enabling us to provide competitive prices) as well as minimising hassle between both parties, we have implemented the credits system at keeping track of website updates.



Pay-As-You-Go Credits

RM1,300 for 10 credits (For web sites hosted with Avaxis)

RM1,600 for 10 credits (Otherwise. See note below)

  • Clients pre-purchase the credits from us.
  • These credits have unlimited validity.
  • For every maintenance request, a specific number of credits will be deducted.  Credit balance will be notified to both parties.
  • Maintenance request only applies to HTML web pages and Content Management System sites.
  • Not valid for new web design layout requests and back-end programming.


A single credit represents either of the following:-

  • One new web page on an existing web site
  • Update 2 existing web pages
  • Fix broken third-party links for 2 pages*
  • One new static banner
  • Two image updates on existing web pages


* Third-party links represent external links that takes the viewers out of the client's web site. This comes in two. e.g. fixing links on a single page costs 1 credit; fixing 3 pages will cost  2 credits etc.



Only for websites hosted with Avaxis

RM420 / month for 6 credits

RM210 / month for 3 credits

  • Similar to the prepaid package. Only difference is that this is catered for clients who require more frequent updates.
  • To balance out our workload, we only allow a maximum of 2 credits per request.
  • Credit validity begins on the first day of the month and ends on the first day of the next month.
  • Package either comes in a 6 or 12 months contract.

* Yearly annual renewal fess waived for any sites designed and hosted with Avaxis Enterprise if you decide to take the 12 months contract. 



please noteIf your web site was not developed by Avaxis, please contact us for further arrangements.  Depending on how the web site was developed by your web developer, due to either permission restrictions or technology constraints we may not guarantee that all changes as required by you can be implemented.

By granting us administrator rights to maintain your website, indirectly we will also have access to certain content which may be considered confidential.  Although Avaxis respects the privacy of clients (as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions), it is in our best interest to inform you beforehand regarding this situation.

Finally, you may also want to be sure that granting us access to your web site (third-party access) will not infringe the existing Terms and Conditions on the contract which you and your existing developer/hosting company mutually agreed on.


  • Contact Info

    General: general(AT)avaxis.com.my
    Billing: billing(AT)avaxis.com.my

  • About Us

    We have discovered that there are existing organisations that are providing web design and management services. However, the plans which they offer usually exceed the requirements of individuals and small enterprises. Read more...

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